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· 2 min read
Franz Quarshie

Call Bob Anywhere, Anytime, on Twitter or Discord! 🥳

We have an announcement for you! Over the past weeks, among many things, we have been working on finding simpler and faster ways for you to resolve your crypto wallet names, wherever, whenever.

Today, we are excited to introduce… 🥁🥁🥁

· One min read
Daniel Mensah
Franz Quarshie

Clet is a unique cryptocurrency wallet name service that allows users to mask their various crypto addresses with a human-readable name. Unlike other popular cryptocurrency naming providers, Clet provides an organized naming structure by respecting and laying emphasis on the native blockchain the address belongs to.

The platform integrates an organized naming convention to make it easy for both developers and users to identify the blockchain of any pointed address. It has the ability to point addresses of existing and future blockchains and provides a browser extension that:

  1. Resolves not just clet names but popular crypto naming services like ENS and Unstoppable Domains.
  2. Determines and opens the native explorer of any pointed address.
  3. Allows instant address resolution on most web pages.
  4. Automatically detects block explorers and fetches the appropriate address.

Clet users can purchase unique names and map all sorts of crypto addresses. The platform allows you to pick available blockchains and point an address to it. Find out more from!