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Product Launch

· 2 min read
Daniel Mensah

Clet Announces the Launch of a Name Service that Gives Users the Power to Chain Various Distinct Wallet Addresses to One Name!

Clet Name Service is thrilled to announce its launch which will be held virtually on YouTube on April 6, 2022 at 10:00AM PST.

Clet solves the problem of crypto assets going to the wrong addresses due to typos emanating from the long and complex nature of the addresses, which results in losing funds forever. Unlike other popular cryptocurrency naming providers, Clet provides an organized naming structure by respecting and laying emphasis on the native blockchain the address belongs to. Our unique naming convention eliminates any room for confusion in identifying the blockchain mapped to any address. For a user with Clet name “bob”, his Bitcoin wallet address will be referenced by bob.btc and Solana wallet address bob.sol. We have built a steady foundation for the addition of more blockchains in the future, in addition to the 16 common blockchains we can currently accommodate. We developed a simple browser extension to ensure easy, smooth, and instant resolution of Clet names as well as ENS names and Unstoppable Domain names. Once the extension is installed, Clet names can even be resolved on most web pages. The extension can determine and open the native explorer of any pointed address.
By visiting, anyone can sign up as a user and acquire a clet name for an affordable price. The website allows users to transfer domains to other clet users. After purchasing a clet name, Clet mints an ERC721 record on the SKALE blockchain to prove your ownership of the name. Thanks to the SKALE Ecosystem, users do not pay for gas fees.

“Everyone in the blockchain space needs Clet in their toolbox as it simplifies the most important fundamentals of cryptocurrency transactions”, said Franz Quarshie, Co-founder and CEO of Clet Name Service.

About Clet Name Service

Clet Name Service is a unique cryptocurrency wallet name service that allows users to mask their various crypto addresses with a human-readable name. The current goal of the team is to ensure that users enjoy accurate, convenient and easy cryptocurrency transactions. We are currently supported by the SKALE Network. For more information, please visit and @cletNS on Twitter.