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Bots Launch

· 2 min read
Franz Quarshie

Call Bob Anywhere, Anytime, on Twitter or Discord! 🥳

We have an announcement for you! Over the past weeks, among many things, we have been working on finding simpler and faster ways for you to resolve your crypto wallet names, wherever, whenever.

Today, we are excited to introduce… 🥁🥁🥁

Bob, The Clettor! - A faster way of resolving your wallet address online

Have you ever been forced to go find your wallet address somewhere in your clipboard or notepad, or quickly have to check in your Clet extension to resolve with Bob in a limited time? We’ve all been through that 😊 and we’ve figured out a solution.

Now, you can easily call Bob anywhere, anytime, on both Twitter and Discord, with your Clet names, and Bob will automatically resolve your wallet addresses in just a second! (literally) Now that is the next level! 😎

No need to go rushing for your wallet addresses now anytime you see a Twitter or Discord drop! With just a few keystrokes, Bob will instantly fetch that for you.

And yes, Bob is Unstoppable Domain and ENS compatible!

Check out a short demo below!

Discord Bot Twitter Bot

Bob, The Clettor is now working full-time 😉 on both Twitter and Discord.
Click to add to your Discord Server!.

We will progressively roll out more features and products. Meanwhile, try it out and give us a shout. 😊


Use -ao to return the requested address explicitly.

The team at Clet,
Bob & Friends.